Resource Description
Fillable invoice template to use for Phase B.
Template for questions on the Quarterly Data Report. Some questions may change in wording or formatting but the data that needs to be collected remains the same.
This tracking sheet was created to assist grantees on collecting data for the QDR.
If you have already submitted the QDR and found errors in your submission, please complete this form with the corrections.
This form is required for BHWD subcontractors and consultants receiving more than $5,000.00 from a BHWD grantee in one year. If the value of the subcontract is more than $50,000 and the vendor was specified in the grantee’s original grant application, then the grantee does not need to submit anything else to AHP as the vendor was already approved when the grant was awarded. Please complete this form prior to finalizing your subcontractor or consultant agreement. One form is required for each agreement per year.
We invite you to complete this form to share your experiences with any valuable subcontractors or consultants you have worked with (not limited to consultants working on BHRR). We are especially interested in consultants with knowledge working with Behavioral Health nonprofits in California.
If you are interested in participating in a spotlight video, please fill out this form. We are grateful for your dedication to the BHRR project and eagerly anticipate learning more about your organization. Please note, however, that completing this form does not ensure selection for a Grantee Spotlight.