BHRR Outward Facing Roster

The BHRR Phase B Outward Facing contact roster is an essential resource for networking and collaboration. It features contact details of various BHRR organizations open to being contacted by other grantees. Additionally, it highlights organizations open to offering limited mentorship. 

To join this public-facing roster, please fill out the Grantee Request Form and select “Add Organization to Outward Facing Contact Roster”. You will also indicate your capacity to provide limited mentorship. 

Limited mentorship might encompass a consultation session on a mutual strategy, guidance from a larger to a smaller organization, resource sharing, collaboration on outreach or pipeline creation, or becoming reciprocal referral sources. AHP will not facilitate this process. Organizations are free to define their collaborative terms and the extent of resources they can share. 

Should you wish to be removed from the roster or if you need to update a listed contact, please complete the Grantee Request Form. The roster is updated quarterly.